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16″ SheepRoll Natural Wool Insulation Roll


Wool Insulation

SheepRoll is a general purpose natural wool insulation fiber designed for use in a loft, rafter, internal wall, and inter-floor applications. SheepRoll meets and surpass US building product standards for Thermal, Fire, Mold Resistance, and Structural performance.

Wool insulation is not only breathable but also able to absorb, retain and release moisture without affecting its thermal properties or performance. Wool insulation is ideal for breathable wall construction.

Environmental Information
The manufacture of sheep wool insulation requires 90 percent less energy to manufacture than mineral wool insulation. In use, the durability and moisture control properties of wool allow for a higher level of performance and longevity, retaining its insulating properties for the life of the building. Wool is naturally fire resistant and is treated with boron salts so as to heighten its vermin and insect resistance.

Please use our Wool Insulation Quote form if ordering more than 3 rolls. We will provide you with an estimate that meets your needs.


  • Controls condensation, wool absorbs and releases moisture yet doesn’t lose it’s thermal performance, wool can in fact absorb up to 40 percent of its own weight and remain dry, to the touch.
  • Wool actually heats up when absorbing moisture by up to 45 degrees F, this increases the dew point temperature reducing the risk of condensation.
  • Wool absorbs harmful gasses, e.g. formaldehyde, and then locks them up permanently. Man made insulation emits gases.
  • A better insulator compared to glass fiber insulation, requiring 10 percent less thickness to achieve the same insulating factor.
  • Glass fiber thermal performance deteriorates dramatically when any moisture is present, wool’s performance is not affected.
  • Wool will last for the life of the building due to the resilience of wool, glass fiber may compact and require topping up after 10 years.
  • Wool is truly sustainable, a yearly clip of wool is available as a by-product of the livestock farming. Mineral wool depletes the world’s resources.
  • Wool is a “Carbon sink”, it actually locks up CO2, man-made pollutes CO2 during its manufacture.
  • Very low energy required in its manufacture, requiring 85 percent less energy compared to man- made products.
  • Biodegradable at the end of its life.
  • Safe to handle, no skin or respiratory problems typical of mineral wool.
  • Lastly sheep wool insulation is a product of choice from the consumers perspective, who continue to express their concerns with mineral wool insulation.


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Residential Roll Sizes
R13: 3.5 inches x 14.5 inches x 16 feet (19.33 Sq Ft per roll)
R19: 5.25 inches x 14.5 inches x 12 feet (14.5 Sq Ft per roll)

SheepRoll insulation is designed for use in new and existing buildings within the loft, rafter, internal wall, and inter-floor use. Wool insulation is ideal for dry lining on external walls and throughout all parts of wooden framed buildings.

Fire Standards
Wool is naturally fire retardant, the material only chars since there is insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere to support combustion of wool. In the event of a fire, wool will not add to the fire risk and produces no toxic gases.

More Information
Sheeproll Brochure


Please contact us for discounts on bulk ordering. Call us or use our Wool Insulation Quote form.

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  1. Yes, our Black Mountain wool insulation is available. It is one of our favorite products, too! We can check on availability for you if you give us your square footage and specify whether your “on-center” widths are 16 or 24 inches. You also have a choice of batts which are four feet long, or rolls which are longer. And, of course, the thickness / R-value, with the most popular being the 3.5 inch thick R-13 (often used in walls), or the 5.5 inch thick R-19 typically used in 2×6 framed walls, or in ceilings/attics. Shipping costs will vary depending upon your zip code, so give us that too. You can use our Wool Insulation inquiry form on our website, or give us a call, and we will email you a quote!

    Eco-Building Products,

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